Bread, and

Bread, the simultaneous whipping boy of the food industry and patron saint of modern civilization, makes its way into a lot of my work. It’s a bellwether whose basicness belies its power.

I research bread and write about it. I also place it into non-traditional visual contexts as a means of calling attention, catalyzing diverse dialogues. I occasionally make bread into sculptures and photographs, and am building a website and community surrounding it. That initiative is called:

Bread on Earth.

Installations, editorials, etc:

Buffy/Breadface/Bread on Earth, collaborative video and stills, 2018

Forest for the Trees, collaboration with Object, FineArtAG, Berlin, 2017

Making Natures, with WTD Magazine at Institute for Arab and Islamic Art, NY, 2017

Domino Magazine, photography by Will Anderson, 2017

Comme Des Garcon Concrete Release Dinner, produced by Laila Gohar, 2017

Tank Magazine, photography by Camila Falquez, 2017

1m1w1d, group show at Ghost Robot Studios, 2016

XOXO Mag Editorial, photography by Eric Oglander, 2016

Waist, group show curated by Yasmine Ganley, 2016