This here and all else is a work in progress, refrain from taking it too seriously.

 An arrangement of notes:

Abstract recipe and portraits, Bread Brown Like the Ground and The Water In It, 2019.

Bread sculptures preserved in beeswax, plaster and hemp twine. Installation at the Utopian Visions Art Fair, 2018.

Bread on Earth, a site dedicated to the tangential exploration of our politicized and intimate relationship to grain, est. 2016 and ongoing.

Simit and brot as tension field and forest, Berlin, 2017.

Standing table breads, 2017.

Probing through natural elements, installation at IAIA, NY, 2017.

Masks of charred doughs, 2018.

Textures, 2018.

Loafing, FFF Zine, 2018.

Collected drawings, 2015-2017.

Collected graphics, 2016-2018. 


Queens New York USA